Searching for Greatness in Ministry

Zack Preaching Spurgeon Fellowship 2016
Zack speaking to Pastors and Ministry leaders in Portland Oregon, March 2016.

This two-part audio series “Searching for Greatness in Ministry,” is taken from Zack’s recent visit with pastors and ministry leaders who participate in the Spurgeon Fellowship in Portland, Oregon.  Out of his daily life in local pastoral ministry, Zack seeks to encourage us in our common vocation in Jesus.

Part 1: What do you want Jesus to do for you?  (begins at the 40 minute 20 second mark)

Part 2: What is the greatest thing you can do in ministry?


Author: zeswine

Zack (Dr. Eswine) is often spoken of as a "Pastor to Pastors." He serves as Pastor of Riverside Church in Webster Groves Missouri and Director of Homiletics at Covenant Theological Seminary. To learn more about his books and other resources, go to

2 thoughts on “Searching for Greatness in Ministry”

  1. Dr. Zack, Just wanted to thank you for writing Spurgeon’s Sorrows and Imperfect Pastor. These books are having a pivotal impact on me personally as well as my wife and 3 children. The young, restless and reformed movement can do such a terrible job at ministering to huge populations of people when they are dismissed because of their struggle with “sinful” depression. But I’m reminded so clearly when reading your books of Isaiah 53, “A man of sorrows, acquainted with grief, one from whom men hid their faces.” Depression is not a sin! I don’t know if Jesus “had” depression, but the church really needs to be equipped to care for people instead of following “professionalism or false greatness” to advance their so called movements. This morning at 2 am as I woke to fight the battles in my soul, I was reminded of this and as you illuminate in Imperfect Pastor, Jesus spent a lot of time alone, in prayer. So it was there in prayer this morning that the thought/hope/trust in his promise “I am with you always” broke through the bog and shone the light of His grace. Then reading further in Spurgeon’s Sorrows, I was grieved and so blessed to know that if I had this book 15 years ago, so much suffering could have been loosened, undone or maybe broken. Hope remains as I pray to be pliable enough to help others out of the depths from which I have come.
    Thank you for your writing,

    1. Hi Erik, thank you for writing to me. I’m grateful to seek Jesus together. Your 2am battles in the night watches remind me of my own need for Jesus and of our common love for him. His sorrows rouse him to feel deep compassion for us. He will not snuff out a flickering wick. Giving thanks for His shepherding care with you. Moment by moment. He is faithful, Zack

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